Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How would iamcleaning enter my apartment/home

A: Please leave the key with a security official/building manager. Dependent on your location, we also have agreements with your local garages, where keys can be securely left and picked up. Please contact us at 0659687534


Q: What if i have pets? 

A: We love pets. Please secure any pet that would be scared/aggressive/harmful. We will do the necessary to make sure your pets are comfortable. 


Q: is iamcleaning open for services on a public holiday?

No we are closed on all south african public holidays.


Q; Do you offer gift cards?

A: We can create electronic gift cards that can be used to purchase services on the iamcleaning platform.


Q: what about my valuables?

A: We take the necessary precautions to make sure your home is safe. We do ask that you still take the necessary steps to make sure your valuable are securely locked up in a safe or taken with you. This includes Phone/tablets/jewellery/money and other valuables. We do not take any responsibility for losses.


Q: Does iamcleaning use their own detergents?

A: yes we do, but you as the customer will always have the option if you prefer us to use your detergents or our detergents.


Q: Is iamcleaning open on the weekends?

A: yes we are.

    saturdays: 8am - 2pm




Q: can i hire a helper from iamcleaninng for a full time job?

A: Yes you may, please send us a query for further details.